Fresh Fruit

At Wilsons Orchard, we pride ourselves at providing the best tasting fruit around. How do we do it? As Chug Wilson says "we cheat, we pick it ripe from the tree". So whether you pick it yourself or buy it already picked, you?re sure to find it crunchy and full of just-picked flavor. We also grow pumpkins, which are available U-pick or already picked and have limited quantities of grapes, crabapples and blackberries.


The freshly baked turnovers and the pies at Wilsons Orchard are a local treasure. Throughout the apple season, we pick out the best apples and we stuff our baked goods full of 'em. Nothing timid here, no "all crust no fruit" action, our baked goods are fruity creations. Alongside the pies and turnovers, you'll find dried apple chips, a crowd pleasing snack and our homemade carmel sauce for making your own carmel apples.

Apple Cider

Making good apple cider is a bit of an art. Of course you have to start with the right apples, which is where Wilsons Orchard really shines. Our 120 varieties allow us to strike the right balance between sweet, sour and fragrant fruit. Come by the barn and try it for yourself. We're betting you'll be hooked on our cider.

Gift Packs

Gift packs are available with a variety of compositions. Generally they feature our best selling jams, dried apple chips and a reprint of the popular card "Last Ride at Wilsons Orchard" by local artist XXXXX. Let us know if you need a different mix : we can customize your own gift packs with anything from baked goods to cider to old farm equipment. You name it.

Gift Shop

Looking for a gift for a good friend? A difficult mother-in-law? The kid who has everything? Our gift shop is there for you. Apple peelers, local art, outstanding jams and honey from our farm are but a few of the offerings available at our retail shop in the Barn

Gift Certificates

Want to be the favorite person on somebody's list? Give a Wilsons Orchard Gift Certificate. Along with the obvious prestige conferred by such a present, the lucky recipient can cash the gift certificate in on fruit, baked goods or anything from the gift shop.


We love Wilson's Apple Orchard. So much of it is, of course, eating the most delicious apples anywhere, but it's also getting out in nature and enjoying the beautiful weather that comes with apple season. People at the orchard are just happy to be there! Should we mention the turnovers? We try to wait until we get home to eat them, but there are rarely any left by the time we get to Hwy 1.

- D. Redmond -

Wilson's has made it nearly impossible for any of us to eat grocery-store apples!

- L. Barker -