Family Fun

Tractor Rides

A perennial favorite at Wilsons Orchard is our tractor ride. Climb aboard our specially-made trailer and take a ride out through the orchard. You'll travel down the valley, through the creek and out into the orchard. On the way, you'll hear about what's ripe and, if Chug is driving, about alligators in the creek, Robin Hood's secret hideout and other near-truths. Once into the orchard, you can get dropped off to pursue your apple picking and either hike back or catch the next trailer. No charge, just good clean fun.


Whether on your own or with your family, picking apples at Wilsons Orchard is a whole body experience. Hear the birds sing, watch the muskrats play, smell the wildflowers. Oh yeah, and pick the best tasting fruit you have ever tried . From August through October, you can find a wide range of apple varieties to choose from. Feel free to mix and match - all varieties are sold by the pound, at the same price.

Fall Festival

In early October, Wilsons Orchard holds a Fall Festival. This is a family affair, a celebration of Fall, harvest, apples and community. Treasure hunts and other games. Carmel apple making and cider pressing. Pumpkin carving. And what harvest fest would be complete without plenty of great food: meat from the grill, treats from the bakery, juice from the presses. Check our calendar of events for this year's Fall Festival.


We love Wilson's Apple Orchard. So much of it is, of course, eating the most delicious apples anywhere, but it's also getting out in nature and enjoying the beautiful weather that comes with apple season. People at the orchard are just happy to be there! Should we mention the turnovers? We try to wait until we get home to eat them, but there are rarely any left by the time we get to Hwy 1.

- D. Redmond -

Wilson's has made it nearly impossible for any of us to eat grocery-store apples!

- L. Barker -