About Us

At Wilsons you will find big apples, small apples, green ones, yellow ones, purple ones, each with its own flavor and texture. In October you can find a variety of pumpkins as well!

Wilsons Orchard is a great family place. Enjoy fresh fruit at its best, as you walk around our bit of heaven. Or take a tractor ride out to do your picking and strolling. At the barn you'll find our famous apple turnovers, hot out of the oven. Fresh apple cider is on offer as well as dried fruit and plenty of other cool stuff. Fruit, Family and Fun - they all come together at Wilsons.

Best of all, your support of Wilsons Orchard is support for local food and a strong local economy. We are proud of the food we grow and happy that every customer can come see how (and why) we do it. Our farming and marketing involve low inputs, low food miles and low carbon emissions, which is way good for us and our community. Plus we have the apple turnovers....


We love Wilson's Apple Orchard. So much of it is, of course, eating the most delicious apples anywhere, but it's also getting out in nature and enjoying the beautiful weather that comes with apple season. People at the orchard are just happy to be there! Should we mention the turnovers? We try to wait until we get home to eat them, but there are rarely any left by the time we get to Hwy 1.

- D. Redmond -

Wilson's has made it nearly impossible for any of us to eat grocery-store apples!

- L. Barker -